Klassic Program

"We are the stars of tomorrow who are not afraid to be amazing while dancing it out and calling it life"

Klassic Class Descriptions:

Klassic classes are recreational. Students will learn basic dance technique and combinations. Dancers in the Klassic program will also be invited to learn choreography for a recital routine to be performed at the end of the season. This performance is optional. Klassic classes are arranged by age; " Klassic kids" for dancers 3 to 6 yrs, "Klassic 1" 7 to 17 yrs and "Klassic 2" 13 yrs and up. Klassic classes include: ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop.

30 Minute Classes:

Klassic Kids: 3 to 6 yrs Dancers must be 3 at the start of class to register.

45 Minute Classes:

Dancers are grouped by age. “Klassic 1” is 7 to 17 yrs, “Klassic 2” is 13 yrs and up.